Bonnie Mbuli on polyandry: ‘Women have far more stamina’

Bonnie Mbuli on polyandry: ‘Women have far more stamina’

Men are so "pressed"! Bonnie Mbuli claps back at men who are against polyandry. 

Bonnie Mbuli
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Bonnie Mbuli is sharing her views on proposed polyandry legislation that will allow women to have multiple husbands. 

The proposal is contained in a green paper on marriages that was gazetted by the Home Affairs Department earlier this month. 

South Africans have been weighing in on the proposal ever since. While polygyny is part of customary law and is recognised in South Africa, polyandry is not.

Polygyny allows men to take on more than one wife. Men such as former President Jacob Zuma and businessman Musa Mseleku are well-known polygamists.

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But it seems many people cannot wrap their heads around the idea of a woman having multiple husbands.

"One child for each husband per year? Such laws don't really make sense. A man can impregnate 3 women in 1 year, can't say the same for women," one man wrote on Twitter. 

Another tweep added: "Whoever introduced this topic or even want the govt to debate this topic needs pastors, priests, sangomas and conventional medical doctors to come together n check whether that person's brains are ok. Where hve u ever seen 2 bulls in one kraal?"

ACDP reverend, Kenneth Meshoe, also weighed in on the matter. He says he is opposed to the idea. 

“If a woman is shared by three men, as an example, and they all want her the same night, what’s going to happen?

"Because there will come a time when one of the men will say ‘you spend most of the time with that man and not with me’ and there will be conflict between the two men,” he told eNCA. 

But Bonnie was quick to clap back at the reverend's comments. 

She found it hilarious that men are so "pressed" by the idea of women having more than one husband.

"The men are so pressed, kwaaaaak! Lalela, sharing is caring," she tweeted. 

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