Bonang Matheba's toes have their own Instagram page

Bonang Matheba's toes have their own Instagram page

Say what? Someone created an Instagram account dedicated to Bonang's feet! 

Bonang Matheba
Media personality Bonang Matheba / Instagram

South Africa's media darling Bonang Matheba is perfect in every way but does she have perfect toes? Well, someone thinks she does and they just created an Instagram account for her feet. 

The profile was created earlier this week and so far has attracted more than 200 followers. Not only does the account give fans a close-up look at Queen B's feet, but it also shows off her amazing shoe collection. 

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Bonang has admitted to owning over 200 pairs of shoes and many of them are from designer brands such as Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton. 

The 31-year-old once spent R11,000 on a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels. 

It's still unclear who started the "Being Bonang's Feet" Instagram page, but some believe feminist artist Lady Skollie is behind the account. She features in a video posted on the account and has a major fangirl moment over Queen B's feet.

"You know that foot of hers that has the stars tattooed on it? I’m going to take a selfie when her foot... " Lady Skollie says in the video.

So what does Bonang think about having an entire Instagram page dedicated to her toes? It seems that she is just as shocked as we are.

"No way!" she replied to a fan's tweet about the account. 

Bonang and her toes are currently in New York. Hopefully, she will post more shoe candy, uhm, we mean toe candy for her fans! 

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