Bonang Matheba shows Somizi some love

Bonang Matheba shows Somizi some love

Somizi and Bonang Matheba are on the road to reconciliation, and we have the tweet to prove it!

Bonang Matheba SAMAs 2017

More than a year after Bonang Matheba and Somizi's friendship came to a bitter end, it seems they could soon kiss and make up.

The famous pair were inseparable pre-2016, and often made grand entrances together at industry events. 

But their fans started to notice in early 2016 that the former BBFs were spending a lot less time together, and in fact were not pictured together in a long time. 

Somizi soon revealed that Bonang stopped talking to him, and the 'Idols SA' judge says he found out from friends that Queen B had unfollowed him on Twitter and Instagram. 

"The last time I had spoken to this person she was in Mauritius the night before telling me how much she misses me and then the next thing dololo," he said on his reality show 'Living the Dream with Somizi'.

While Bonang is yet to personally tell Somizi why she put the brakes on their friendship, he believes it had something to do with DJ Zinhle finding out that AKA was allegedly cheating on her with Bonang.

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Bonang apparently believes Somizi was the one who told Zinhle.

Somizi denied the allegations, and says he is still waiting for an apology from Bonang. 

"One thing I know for sure, we will never go back to what we were before. I am the type where if trust is gone, like wrinkled paper, you will never iron me back. I will be civil but you will never have my private space again... I loved that girl and still do. She was my Lebo Mathosa and for her to shut me out like that really hurt me," he said during an interview on 'Real Talk With Anele'. 

But Bonang is showing Somizi some love for the first time in months - a sign she may be ready to sit down and talk with the Thembi Seete to her Lebo. 

Somizi hosted the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) with Tumi Morake on Saturday, and the pair killed it.

It seems Bonang thought so as well. 

"@tumi_morake you and Somizi were the highlight of the night!!! Wow. Sooo damn entertaining. Thank you. #SAMA23," she tweeted shortly after the SAMAs.

Bonang may not have tagged Somizi in her tweet - because she blocked his poor soul months ago - but Twitter users believe the tweet is a sign they could start talking again. 

Somizi also rekindled hopes of a reconciliation. The SAMAs co-host introduced Bonang's current BFF to the stage as Lorna "who stole my friend" Maseko.

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