Blac Chyna criticised for promoting skin lightening cream

Blac Chyna criticised for promoting skin lightening cream

Reality star Blac Chyna has been accused of promoting self-hate with her new face cream.

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Blac Chyna is getting major flak for promoting a skin lightening product to African women. 

The 'Rob & Chyna' star took to Instagram this week to reveal that she will be travelling to Nigeria to launch her face cream, Whitenicious x Blac Chyna Collection.

Whitenicious is a brand started by Cameroonian singer Reprudencia 'Dencia' Sonkey.

The "exclusive shopping event" is set to take place on Sunday in Lagos.

"Lagos Nigeria, join me at the first official launch of  my face cream this Sunday November 25th at the Whitenicious store from 1-5PM. Everyone is invited," she wrote. 

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The comments section on the post was disabled. 

Blac Chyna, who has been accused of bleaching her skin in the past, has reportedly been using Whitenicious' "corrector" for years.

Her new product, which costs $250, has been described as a "diamond illuminating & brightening cream". 

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The product apparently “brightens [and] lightens without bleaching skin out”. 

But Black Twitter is less than impressed that Chyna is promoting a so-called "corrector". 

"I’m just going to say it. Blac Chyna is contributing to 2 problems that’s been going on for years: Self hate & colourism. And it’s simply all for money. Smh Damn shame that girl is using her platform for this ignorant mess. Whitenicious? Really sis?" one Twitter user wrote. 

Another person posted: "How is your name “blac” chyna , but you’re promoting a bleaching cream called whitenicious."

Dencia, who herself has been accused of drastically bleaching her skin, took to Instagram to defend her product. 

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This is what kills me when it comes to some black folks, these fake woke men and women using people to make money, they end up brainwashing people in the name of charity,they travel world, rape and molest young children. @chakabars let me school ur ignorant woke ass but first don’t u ever in ur life THREATEN me, don’t let this pink cars and blonde hair fool u cuz I’ll drag u from these calabasas streets all the way to Africa with no conscience. @whitenicious @darkliciouscosmetics @envydiacosmetics @monangebebe Are brands created in America, made in America, registered in America and pay taxes in America that help men and women in America, u want to create the fake Nigerian narrative because ur fake woke ass wants ur dumb followers to think what it’s not. Chyna is going to Nigeria to host parties and we launched a face cream and we are doing launches around the world not not Nigeria so again u can’t even do simple research but you swear u are woke. The collaboration Is a face cream that many brands sell more expensive, I don’t see you taking about la mer, la prairie, L’Oréal and I can go on and on but as a black man all you heffas do is discredit black women, black women who birth u, raised and supported you, @whitenicious IS organic, help women around the world and oh 70% of our clients are the hood people you think will come for me so you may wanna find other goons.Whitenicious is hand made in California, paraben free, hydroquinone free, Mercury free I can go on and on, why don’t you promote @darkliciouscosmetics ? Oh nvm it won’t give ur dumb ignorant ass the free press, people like you aren’t different from Jim Jones’s of the world, lie and brain wash people to extort money from them and sell your narrative, what is your job? What do you do to raise money to go around the world fake helping people? Oh you beg from others? People like u aren’t the change the world needs, you lie and exploit people, I’m African born and raised,well traveled and when I look at your page I feel bad for your followers, u misinform and lie to them, a simple search will tell u a lot of Whitenicious and where it started.Fake Ass #ByeIdiot

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