Bianca Naidoo not legally married to Riky Rick, fights for his estate

Bianca Naidoo fights for Riky Rick's estate

The late Riky Rick's life partner Bianca Naidoo is reportedly fighting for his assets after he died without a will. 

Bianca Naidoo and Riky Rick
Bianca Naidoo and Riky Rick/ Instagram

Bianca Naidoo is reportedly engaged in a legal battle for her late life partner's estate. 

Although it was widely spread that Bianca and Riky Rick were husband and wife, over the weekend, several publications reported that the two were never legally married. 

However, according to a report by The South African, the two have been staying together since 2013. They resided in Bryanston in Gauteng at a house bought by Bianca's parents. 

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It is reported that she has taken Home Affairs to court to recognise her as the late rapper's wife.   

She said Riky "expressed that he wanted a long-lasting future" with her. The couple got engaged in 2015 and he introduced her to his family. 

“At the time of my acceptance of a relationship with the deceased I lived with my first daughter, who was born out of a previous failed marriage. I expressed to the deceased that unless he was committed to him and having a stable relationship with a future, I would not permit him to meet my daughter. The deceased expressed that he wanted a long-lasting future with me, and we began living together with my daughter as a family during the same year of 2013 at my residential property bought for me by my parents in Bryanston Gauteng,” reads the court papers quoted by several publications. 

Not only did the couple share a home, but Bianca said they were in business together.    

“Both I and the deceased were directors of Makgado Agency (Pty) Ltd, which we operated together in all respects,” read the court papers. 

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Riky died in February after reportedly committing suicide. 

He died without a will and leaves behind a Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS coupe, a Ferrari, and he also had endorsements with African Bank, Russian Bear, Kiwi, and Vaseline. 

Riky and Bianca have a son together, Maik Daniel Makhado, who turned eight in March. 

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