Avocado rose craze takes over Instagram

Avocado rose craze takes over Instagram

This latest avocado trend is sweeping the internet and we can totally see why!


In case you haven’t noticed, we are kind of obsessed with avocados, see how to ripen an avo in just 10min here.

But even we were left slightly confused by the latest avocado trend sweeping the internet.

Avocados sliced in the shape of roses are causing a major stir on Instagram, and just about every foodie is giving the new craze a try. 

Why are people doing this? Because apparently spreading your avo on toast is so yesterday. 

Call us crazy, but it is hard enough for us to perfectly scoop out the seed of our avocados, let alone turn them into roses.  

Okay, we will admit that avocado roses are pretty cute. 

Like this attempt by Instagram user, Cravings in Amsterdam:

Keeping my lunch simple while I'm testing new recipes. Happy Wednesday!

A photo posted by Paola - Cravings In Amsterdam (@cravingsinamsterdam) on

But seriously, does this look edible?

We thought we would give it a try, until we saw this. Where do people find the time?

If you think that looks complicated, don’t worry, food blogger Lisa Lin tried to show everyone how easy it is to make an avocado rose. 

Sadly, it looks more like baby poop taking a turn for the worst.  Sorry, Lisa!

Despite our better judgement, we will probably try to make this – someday. Let us know how your avocado roses turnout in the meantime. 

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