Apple Music praises Nasty C's 'epic' Bad Hair video

Apple Music praises Nasty C's 'epic' Bad Hair video

Nasty C's music video for 'Bad Hair' has featured on Apple Music globally!

Nasty C "Bad Hair"

The visual masterpiece that is Nasty C's 'Bad Hair' music video is getting major global recognition. 

The 14-minute work of art, which was directed by Arcade Content’s Kyle Lewis, has been praised by Apple Music for its “audacious visuals". 

Apple Music went as far to describe it as “epic” and “stunning".

Apple loved it so much the video was featured in France, Germany, the UK, and the USA - which is rare for an African video. 

'Bad Hair' has been creating major waves since its release, topping the Apple Music Video chart in SA in its first week. 

Director Kyle Lewis explains how the video came about. 

“Nasty C approached me to direct a film featuring three of his songs, that would make a statement. It’s an art piece about his own journey of breaking free and becoming a man, with the three sections representing the past, present and future respectively. Visually, the films move further and further away from the initial renaissance styling, as a visual metaphor for breaking way from the ideals of the past and becoming true to yourself. As surreal as it gets, I tried to keep it as real and visceral as possible, which is what I got from Nasty’s music," he said in a statement. 

We also have to give major props to Pierre De Villiers, who shot video, and art directer Bianca Prinsloo.

The video was styled by Kaley Meyer, and edited by Stephen du Plessis.

We love seeing local talent creating world class work! 

Check out Nasty C's epic music video below: 

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