#AmINext: SA celebrities unite against gender-based violence

#AmINext: SA celebrities unite against gender-based violence

"There is a war against us. Men are at war against the women of this country," says DJ Zinhle. 

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Some of South Africa's biggest stars are uniting to demand the government take action following the recent spate of rapes and murders against women and children.

The victims include Cape Town student Uyinene Mrwetyana, who was raped and killed, allegedly by a post office employee who attacked her when she queried about a parcel. 

Four Durban children were found dead this week. Police are searching for their father as part of investigations. 

The murder of boxing champ Leighandre 'Baby Lee' Jegels, 30-year-old Meghan Cremer, Cape town teen Jesse Hess and her 85-year-old grandfather have also sparked calls for action. 

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Comedian Siv Ngesi has called for a total shutdown 

"All men/womxn (sic) , should down tools for a day and shut this country down! The war against our women and children is at a place that we should all be disgusted! Let’s all take it to the streets and everyone take a stand ! Or will you wait until it’s someone you know or care about!" he tweeted. 

Marches have been planned throughout South Africa.

Many women have been left asking if they will be the next victim. DJ Zinhle says there is a war against women in SA. 

"Men are at war against the women of this country."

She added in another post: "What are we gonna do?"

East Coast Breakfast's Keri Miller says women should be able to wear what they choose without fearing for their lives. 

"Who exactly are these people? They are you [sic] sons, your brothers, your fathers. We are all related. So if it's your co-worker, brother, father or boss behaving badly we need to call it out. And if he's committed a crime he need to go to jail," she tweeted.

Keri added in another tweet: "What kind of society breeds this behaviour? Movies , music, University culture, school culture... it all points to misogyny. WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT? #TheGoodTheBadandTheUgly @terencepillay1 @ECRBreakfast Every space needs to be a safe space. #aminext." 

Here's a look at what others had to say. 

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