AKA comes clean about Bonang break-up: I lied

AKA comes clean about 'fake' Bonang break-up

“It’s exciting watching a plan come together,” says AKA after break-up stunt. 

Bonang Matheba AKA
Instagram/bonang_m (via blaq_smith)

AKA has admitted that his brief break-up with Bonang Matheba was a publicity stunt. 

The rapper has finally come clean after his “surprise” love track, ‘Caiphus Song", was released on Tuesday.

The song, about fighting for the one you love, dropped days after he broke up (and then made up) with Queen B.

AKA took to Twitter last Friday to announce that he and Bonang had called it quits.

He added: “Guys, Don’t ever love a woman more than she loves you.”

Scores of Twitter users called his bluff, saying it was obvious his tweet was a publicity stunt - a bad one might we add - to promote something big.

Less than 24 hours after his shady tweets, AKA announced that he and Bonang were back together.

He then topped off his dramatic tweet weekend by making it up to Bonang by buying her an expensive Gucci bag.

As predicted, the drama was all part of his (lame) plan to get some attention before releasing his new song.

“We were watching the whole thing unfold and couldn’t wait for it to be Tuesday already. It’s exciting watching a plan come together. I knew that a lot of journalists would just take anything we tweeted as gospel and not really do any proper investigating. We knew people would do our job for us,” AKA told hip-hop magazine The Plug.

Well, AKA, if you tweet your break-up news on your official Twitter account what further investigation is needed?

But the joke is really on AKA, because everyone saw right through the fake break-up.

Not that he cares. He all but confirms it in this tweet. 

To add insult to injury Bonang apparently loved the idea.

“She loved it. She’s a visionary, just like me. I told her to trust me, and she did,” AKA told the publication. 

Seriously, Bonang? 

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