Actress Thuso Mbedu co-writes a comic book

Actress Thuso Mbedu co-writes latest edition of 'Niobe' comic book

The actress took to Instagram to announce that she has co-written her first comic book.

Thuso Mbedu
Thuso Mbedu/ Instagram

Thuso Mbedu has just added a new title to her name - she is now a co-author. 

The actress took to Instagram to announce that she worked with Stranger Comics and Sebastian A. Jones on the latest episode of 'Niobe', the comic series. 

She said working on a comic book was something she never thought she was capable of doing. 

"Never in my life did I ever imagine that I’d do something as cool as co-writing a comic. It’s something I would’ve wanted to do but never actually thought I COULD do because how, sway?" she wrote on Instagram. 

The multi-award-winning actress expressed her excitement at being a co-author of 'Niobe: She-Tribe'.

"So I’m very happy to announce that the latest episode of Niobe that I had the privilege of co-writing with @strangercomics @sebastian.a.jones is finally live for presale now!!!!!! I’m so excited," she wrote. 

"There will be art prints, comics, and digital download options so get your copies which you can get on kickstarter," she added. 

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'Niobe: She-Tribe' is an addition to the 'Tales of Asunda' series. 

The new series has been described in the following way by 'The new one-shot will follow Tales of Asunda’s lead character, the titular Niobe, as she finds herself thrust into an ethical conflict when she encounters a tribal society that selects its new leader in a fight to the death—finding herself up against generations of traditional customs or facing the idea of keeping herself hidden away from the world of Asunda.'

Jones reportedly told io9 that he chose to work with Thuso because of her honesty. 

“Upon meeting Thuso I knew I had to work with her. Her honesty and modest genius hold a well spring of magical and relatable stories that need to be told,” Jones reportedly said. 

“When we started brainstorming for the She-Tribe comic, Thuso breathed new life into Niobe and the vulnerable character relationships with such thought and care. Thuso is a rare spirit who speaks of many lives lived, here and before, and I couldn’t be more excited to share with our fans what we’ve got in store for Niobe and Asunda,” Jones added. 

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