5 Lessons about love we learned from 'The Affair'

5 Lessons about love we learned from 'The Affair'

Watching 'The Affair' can teach you a lot about love! 

The Affair season three on Showmax

Season three of The Affair has made its debut on Showmax this month, and to celebrate we have put together five lessons about love we learned from the show.

Noah Solloway, Alison Lockhart, Helen Solloway and Cole Lockhart have taught us a lot about extramarital affairs and romance in the past two seasons.

Their shenanigans onscreen might have left our jaws on the floor from time to time, but we got the message loud and clear.

Here are five love lessons we learned from the show. Warning: There are some season one and two spoilers.

1. You can get out of the friendzone

The debate on whether a man and woman can be friends without things going romantic is one that will continue for many years to come. But one lesson we learned from ‘The Affair’ is that things can get complicated very quickly if those two people are attracted to each other. In the first few episodes of season one, Noah and Alison agreed to keep their relationship platonic, but things get tricky (and steamy) when they reveal they can’t stop thinking about each other. Noah successfully got out of the friendzone and into the love-zone!


2. Loss can affect love

Alison started to push her husband Cole away after the death of her son. He reminded her of their son, and the pain of the loss was unbearable.


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3. Love needs kind words

Noah once revealed that his wife Helen made him feel like he wasn’t providing enough for the family. He felt that Helen could have given him a pat on the back now and again. That doesn’t justify his cheating, but it could have helped their relationship. Noah’s family has to depend on his wife’s wealthy father for help, which made him feel like a failure.


4. It takes two to tango

Cole blames Noah for his wife’s affair, but she was a willing party and admitted she made her own choices. Alison no longer loved Cole, and she could have sought love in the arms of someone else other than Noah.  


5. You can find love again

In season two of ‘The Affair’ both Helen and Cole find love again. But if we learned anything from season one, it is that love is a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs, which means season three will no doubt be packed with drama.


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