What do the new COVID-19 regulations mean for Keri and Sky?

What do the new COVID-19 regulations mean for Keri and Sky?

Does Sky love or hate the curfew? 

Keri and  Sky

The country has been on lockdown for approaching two years. We have seen the worst and strictest lockdown moments in South Africa where we could not travel as much, buy as much or even work as much. Today, we are looking at a totally different time for everyone... 

Keri and Sky will both be affected differently by the lockdown as they each have different perspectives on the regulations. 

You probably also agree with Sky on this one. Everyone hates hosting people who would have the freedom to leave late at 2 am. All that cleaning early in the morning and waking up tired - no one likes that. 

We definitely welcome these regulations with open arms as they mean that South Africa has done well in abiding by the previous regulations. 

We are looking at 6.8-million people who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 the previous Friday. We also look at more than 14-million people who have received at least one jab. 

So which vaccine do you prefer right now? 

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