Covid-19 vaccine certificate portal ‘goes live’ - jabbed South Africans can now apply

Covid-19 vaccine certificate portal ‘goes live’ - jabbed South Africans can now apply

The South African Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate System Portal is now live, but only those who are fully jabbed can apply for the certificate.


This is according to the Department of Health's website, though an official announcement is yet to be made.

A QR code will also be developed with the certificate.

Applicants will be prompted to complete the online form before they receive the document.

"The QR code generated is not intended to be readable by the general public, it is meant to be used by entities requiring to verify the card's validity, using a Vaccine Certificate System inbuilt QR scanner which will be available in the near future," the website said.

This comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the certificate rollout last week - which is said would be in line with the World Health Organisation guidelines - while delivering his Level 1 lockdown address to the nation.

The certificate will be used to verify your vaccination. You'll be able to apply soon. 

"It can be used to facilitate travel, access to establishments and gatherings and other forms of activity that require proof of vaccination status." 

Ramaphosa mentioned that the introduction of the certifications would also help ease international travel in and out of the country in an effort to rebuild tourism in our country.

Goverment is aiming at jabbing 70% of the population by December.


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