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Wendy Knowler's Consumer Hacks: If it’s a refund you want, say so

From refunds on online purchases to problematic new cars, Wendy Knowler has five brand new Consumer Hacks for you. 

Wendy Knowler's Consumer Hacks
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1. If it’s a refund you want, say so

If you buy a product online and they can’t supply it, the company will usually tell you they’ll credit you. Please know that you do not have to accept a credit or a voucher, which is the company’s way of ensuring that they lock you in to spend with them. You can demand a refund instead.
Same story if you exercise your “cooling off” right to return a product you’ve bought online within seven days - you’re entitled to a refund. 

2. Do you know your car’s registration number?
In investigating the case of a woman whose car was stolen, the tracking company told me: “There was a time-lapse in Mrs. B reporting the actual incident to us, and in addition, she did not know the correct registration number of the vehicle, which delayed the process further. These are critical factors which contribute to the successful recovery of a vehicle.” 
So it’s really important to commit that number to your memory.

3. Faulty new car? Act fast

If your new car is proving to be problematic, don’t let the dealership string you along for months before taking it back.
Firstly, you have the most power during the Consumer Protection Act’s six-month warranty on defects, and secondly, if the dealership does finally agree to take back the dodgy car, it will deduct “usage” based on how many kilometers you have done on the car - something like R4,18 per km, which will severely reduce your refund if you’ve been driving the car, fighting for justice, for many months.

4. If a food product is on special, check the date!

Donavan bought a bottle of cranberry concentrate at a discounted price and when he got home he spotted “clumps of mould” in the bottle. And then he made a chilling discovery - the original, expired, best-before date had been covered with a sticker, falsely extending the shelf life. 
The retailer said the supplier had illegally tampered with the date mark without their knowledge. 
Always check the best before or use-by date of a food product - very carefully!  - especially if it’s on sale. 

About that Big Ticket Black Friday purchase

About that Big Ticket Black Friday purchase: If you bought a new expensive appliance or piece of furniture, and you have household contents insurance, remember to increase the sum you have on your policy as the value of those contents accordingly. If you don’t, at claim time when your insurer assesses your contents’ value, you will most likely be found to be underinsured, and your pay-out reduced accordingly.

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