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Wendy Knowler's Consumer Hacks: From life policies to loadshedding wisdom

Unlock essential life hacks with Wendy Knower's latest Consumer Hacks tips! From safeguarding your life policy to outsmarting airport thieves, Wendy's got some useful advice to help you navigate life's twists. 

Consumer Hacks with Wendy Knowler
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1. It pays to know what you are covered for

Do you have a life policy? And do you believe your loved ones will be able to claim successfully, regardless of how you died? Sadly, you could be wrong on that.
Many have discovered that instead of having full life cover, their policy is actually accident life cover, meaning there will only be a pay-out if the cause of death is an accident.
So please check!

2. Take screenshots of corporate WhatsApp’s

Take screenshots of corporate WhatsApp’s! Here’s why: some dodgy service providers make commitments via WhatsApp’s, but engage that “disappearing” feature, so when they let you down and you go to find their WhatsApp as proof of what they committed to - it’s gone. 
3. Christmas gift advice for those travelling by air

If you’ll be catching a flight to spend Christmas with family, think twice about packing their gifts into check-in luggage.
Thieves in the baggage handling areas will be doing some gift pilfering from suitcases.
Rather consider buying gifts online and having them delivered to your Christmas destination.
And again, do not pack your branded fragrance into check-in bags - it’s the item most frequently stolen along the way.

4. An easy way to find out how well airlines are sticking to their schedules

Have you ever checked out how South Africa’s domestic airlines compare when it comes to taking off on time?
The Airports Company of SA makes this easy - just go to the ACSA website, do a search for On-Time Performance and you can see what percentage of each airline’s flights took off from each of the major airports, in the current month and year to date.
It’s a good-to-know not only in terms of reliability but also because pilferage from checked-in luggage increases when flights are delayed.

5. How loadshedding damage proof are you?

Don’t assume that if your appliances are damaged by a loadshedding-related power surge, your insurance claim will be successful - in some policies you would be covered, and in others it’s an optional add-on for which you pay extra.

“The power surge cover limit should also be reassessed regularly to ensure all new electronic equipment is covered for the correct replacement value,” warns Santam’s head of personal lines underwriting, Attie Blaauw. 

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