Wendy Knowler's Consumer Hacks: Cellphone insurance premiums and CPA warranty

Wendy Knowler's Consumer Hacks: Cellphone insurance premiums and CPA warranty

Online shopping? Check the dimensions!, a mobile app for consumer complaints, CPA warranty on matresses, cellphone insurance premiums – Stay consumer savvy with these five new Consumer Hacks from Wendy Knowler!

Consumer Hacks: Cellphone insurance premiums and CPA warranty
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1. Online shopping? Check the dimensions!

Don’t make any assumptions about the size of a product when shopping online - hunt down the dimensions, and if you can’t find them, don’t buy! I speak from bitter personal experience - I’ve ended up with a teeny tiny cooling rack for baking tins, and a birdhouse that was twice as big as I’d imagined.

 2. Got a consumer gripe? Download this app…

To celebrate its 10th birthday, the Consumer Goods and Services Ombudsman has launched a mobile app, enabling consumers to lodge and track complaints on their phones. You can download the app on your phone from your app store - search for “CGSO mobile application”. For all the other ways of making contact with the Ombud’s office, go to cgso.org.za

3. A stain on your mattress doesn’t cancel your CPA warranty

Can a mattress supplier deny your warranty claim for a defect if there’s a stain on the outer layer? No, not within six months of purchase, but that doesn’t stop many suppliers from doing just that.

The Consumer Protection Act warranty covers that mattress for six months from purchase, meaning that means if the mattress develops a defect - sagging or collapsing, for example - in that time, you can return it for your choice of a refund, replacement, or repair - regardless of a little cosmetic issue.

4. You could be wasting your cellphone insurance premiums

If you take out insurance on your lovely new cellphone, via your service provider, you need to know that if you take out that contract SIM and put another one into that phone, you are wasting that monthly premium - your phone is only covered for loss or theft if you keep that original SIM in the phone.

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