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It’s illegal not to display prices

Do you find yourself frustrated when shopping and struggling to find the price of the item you have your eye on? Did you know it's illegal for retailers not to display the price? Find out more about this and four other consumer topics in the latest Consumer Hacks with Wendy Knowler...

It’s illegal not to display prices
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1. It’s illegal not to display prices

I’ve had quite a few complaints from consumers about retailers not displaying their prices in-store, from coffee shops to automotive suppliers. This is not optional for retailers - the Consumer Protection Act compels them to display prices on or near products put on display for sale. So challenge them on this, and if they push back, report them to the Ombudsman for Consumer Goods and Services - and me!

2. How to wiggle out of making a bad hair purchase

Hair and beauty products can cost a fortune, so it’s not surprising that many people are seduced by cheap online offers. But that doesn’t end well in many cases - the products that are delivered - wigs, for example - are often not as they appeared on the website, and sometimes they don’t arrive at all. Overseas-based companies are the biggest problem, according to the Consumer Goods & Services Ombud - so stick to local. Seek out the company’s Ts and Cs when it comes to returns and do a search for online reviews. Remember - you are legally entitled to send back unwanted online purchases within 7 days of delivery - at your cost - for a full refund, so make sure a company honors that before committing.

3. After the storm: mopping up and submitting that insurance claim

Huge condolences to all those in Durban whose homes were damaged by the recent savage rainstorm. If you have homeowner’s insurance - it’s compulsory if your property is bonded - here’s how to speed up the processing of your claim: Be completely transparent - no fudging the facts or padding your claim - and submit photos and videos along with as many details as possible.

4. If a caller tells you you’ve won, beware!

Telesales agents love the old “you have won” line or "you’ve been selected or awarded...because of your loyalty” to the company. As soon as you hear those words, my advice is to end the call. You are most likely being misled into some form of upsell. My most recent example of this was a pensioner who was told in a call from a representative of the telecoms company she’d contracted with that she’d won an award of R50 000, which would be paid to her next-of-kin after her death. She gave her family members' details and later discovered she owed the company premiums for an insurance policy!

5. How to shave down your razor costs

Top tip from a listener: don’t buy razor blades - just buy a new full razor every time and discard the handles. “Joe” says in most cases buying two packs of razors plus two blades is cheaper than buying a pack of four blades on their own. “Always compare the prices,” he says. And he’s right!

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