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How not to buy a puppy

From how not to buy a puppy to funeral policy advice, Wendy Knowler has five new Consumer Hacks for you.

How not to buy a puppy
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1. How not to buy a puppy

Put the name of any breed of dog into an internet search engine and you will find adverts for the cutest puppies, selling at a great price. 
Please know that the images were lifted from the internet and if you make a payment for that fictitious puppy or kitten, the fraudsters will arrange to have the pup couriered to you, by a fake courier company, and when the big day arrives, you’ll get a call from the “courier” saying you need to pay a refundable deposit for a special flight-friendly crate.
If you pay, the demands for more money just keep coming.
This is an awful version of the classic 419 scams. 

2.  Insist that your dormant store account is closed

Many people think that by paying off what’s owed on their store account in full, the account closes automatically.
Big mistake. Always specifically instruct the company to close your account and send you written confirmation of that.
If the account remains open, the retailer can legally keep charging you monthly service fees, whether you’re making purchases or not.
Also, dormant accounts are often taken over by fraudsters, who run up massive debts - a nightmare to sort out later.

3. Building on a false foundation 

The builder you’ve called in to quote on building a “granny flat” above your double garage assures you that he is registered with the NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council). 
Know that that is totally false reassurance, because using a NHBRC-registered- builder only protects you with new builds, not alterations or additions to existing properties. 

4.  If you love your family, make a will

Did you know that about 70% of South Africans die without having valid wills in place?
There’s no excuse - it’s not an expensive process, and a will determines how your assets are shared when you are no longer around. 
It can direct what you want to be done and avoid confusion and conflict within a family.

5.  Before you take out that funeral policy…

Funeral insurance is a booming business in South Africa - about 42% of adult South Africans have funeral cover, while only 10% have life insurance.
The Financial Sector Conduct Authority is constantly warning the public to avoid rogue operators by only taking out funeral policies with companies that are registered with them.
To check if a company that’s selling funeral policies is registered with the FSCA, and for which services, go to

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