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#AskWendy: KZN Listener receives tiles that are different sizes

Wendy Knowler hits down on some consumer queries...

#AskWendy: KZN Listener buys tiles that are the incorrect size...
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As consumers we all have those moments where we feel cheated with a service provider. But most of the time it just goes unnoticed, or we don't address it because the admin involved can be too much. 

But more than that we expect to be treated with respect and of course the service providers expect that too... 

That is why, Carol Ofori has started a segment with Wendy Knowler, and it's called 'Ask Wendy'. Referred to as the Consumer Bulldog in heels, she joins Carol in helping KZN listeners with legitimate advice. 

The one story from today that caught our attention was a listener who purchased tiles from a tile shop and the tiles were delivered and the tiles were in different sizes. 

After contacting the tile shop, they said that there is nothing that they can do, they can offer them an exchange, however they customer would have to pay for the pick up and the re-delivery. 

Wendy is very clear about the process involved when it comes to defective orders, there is a problem with the order and therefore the retailer needs to correct the wrong. 

Take a listen to the full podcast below: 

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