About those extra costs on your store account...

About those extra costs on your store account...

In this week’s Consumerwatch, seasoned consumer journalist Wendy Knowler explains why so many people are battling to pay off their store accounts. She also talks about how not to buy a puppy.

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In recent weeks, Edgars' customers have been very upset about an SMS the clothing store company sent. About a week later, Edgars hastily reinstated its six-month interest-free account plan after announcing it was scrapping it just days before.

With this in mind, consumer journalist Wendy Knowler explains why so many people are struggling to pay off their store accounts as all those extras - club fees, service fees, and fees for calling you about your overdue account - add up.

If you have unresolved issues with your Edgars account, send an email to [email protected]. For Jet complaints, the email address is [email protected], Don’t forget to include your account number.

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Also in today’s show: how not to buy a puppy. Spoiler: the most reliable way to get ripped off is to do a Google search for something along the lines of “French bulldog puppies for sale”. 

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