Video: Lira performs hit songs for intimate gathering

Video: Lira performs at intimate gathering

Watch as Lira performs some of her hit singles at a private function, reportedly held in her garden...

Lira smiling in yellow top and jean jacket courtesy of  Instagram

Lira is one of the biggest artists to come from Africa. 

Her soothing voice has healed many and led to her attaining international fame. 

The songbird recently serenaded her close friends and family members at an intimate gathering in her garden. 

The video of the performance was shared over the weekend by media personality Gerry Elsdon. 

Lira was seen singing 'Ixesha', a song she released in 2006 from her album, 'Feel Good'. 

She told the audience that she had been practicing the song since February after having suffered a stroke, which affected her speech. 

It also affected her rhythm. 

"LIRA is entertaining us in her garden. As she announces to her friends and family that she's been practising this song since February. With her stroke 2 years ago, she'd also lost her sense of rhythm and some of her tone. But this courageous Song bird is back! God more than came through for us," she wrote on Instagram

Below is the video. 

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Gerry shared another video of Lira performing 'Feel Good'.

"A sad indictment on us all that as she has relearnt language, she is unable to speak vernac because all our therapist are trained in English. But she's discovered that she can sing it? And what an inspiration she is, she's teaching herself to speak her first language through her own music," Gerry wrote. 

Last month, Lira celebrated receiving her first award after having suffered a stroke in 2022 while in Germany for a show. 

She shared her excitement with her followers on Instagram. 

"And then I went to accept this award at the event by the Consulate General of India , Manesh Kumar on International Women’s Day. The event was to commemorate women who have shown outstanding achievements in their specific fields. It was the first award I received since having a stroke. Then I gave a speech," she wrote on Instagram. 

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