Maisie Peters releases debut album under Ed Sheeran's record label

Maisie Peters releases debut album under Ed Sheeran's record label

Ed Sheeran has described the album as "an amazing body of work". 

Maisie Peters and Ed Sheeran
Maisie Peters and Ed Sheeran/ Instagram

English singer and songwriter Maisie Peters has finally released her debut album, 'You Signed Up for This'. 

The studio album was recorded under Ed Sheeran's record label, Gingerbread Man Records.

It has seventeen songs and was released on Friday, 27 August.

Peters says she has been working on the album for years. 

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"I feel like i’ve spent every day since i was 12 and picked up a terrible nylon string guitar and wrote my first song waiting for this moment. it’s been years of train rides and bus journeys, sleeping in spare rooms and on sofas, writing and writing and writing and writing and hoping that i could make something special and important and neccessary. mainly hoping that i could make something i love," she wrote on Instagram. 

The singer shared how happy she is to release the album, especially under Gingerbread Man Records. . 

"I love this album so much it’s absurd. it’s my favourite album ever. and the fact that it’s coming out on gingerbread is also insane to me; working with ed the past year and getting to call him a friend and mentor and collaborator has been the wildest dream, and i couldn’t be happier that myself and my album have found a home at gingerbread with him," she wrote. 

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Ed Sheeran talks about the album 

Multi-award winning artist, Ed Sheeran, has described the album as "an amazing body of work". 

Sheeran says he is proud to have his name associated with Peters. 

"So @maisiehpeters debut album comes out today. I’m so honoured to have her on gingerbread man records," he wrote on Instagram. 

The star said he never really wanted to own a record label. 

"If I’m honest, I never wanted to set up a label and sign loads of artists to it so see which one works. My whole ethos has always been, one album at a time, so we can put all the time we can into it so it can have its best shot. Maisie has worked so incredibly hard over the last 4 years on this debut, it really is an amazing body of work. I’m so proud to have my name associated with her and her talent, and I know in 20 years time I'll look back and still be proud to have had something to do with this album," he wrote on Instagram. 

The star thanked everyone who worked to ensure that the album is a success. 

"This is just the beginning, I remember the feeling on my debut album feeling like a new life and journey has begun, and this is gonna be so exciting to watch Maisie’s unfold into greater and greater things. It’s been a joy to watch up to this point, I can’t wait to see what she does next. Thanks to all the people who were involved in this record, thank you for your time and talent, you know who you are. And to the fans, I hope you enjoy the record, you signed up for this, after all," he wrote. 

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Image courtesy of Instagram/@Maisiehpeters

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