Madonna on near-death experience: 'It was pretty scary'

Madonna on near-death experience: 'It was pretty scary'

The 'Queen of Pop' has shared new information about her near-death experience in 2023...

Madonna wearing a grey coat and Cuban link chain
Madonna/ Instagram (@madonna)

Madonna is opening up about the health scare she experienced in 2023 that resulted in her spending several days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 

The 65-year-old was admitted to the hospital in late June after suffering a serious bacterial infection. She spent four days in a medically induced coma. 

During a recent concert in Los Angeles, the 'Material Girl' hitmaker - who is currently on her 'Celebration Tour' -  revealed the first word she spoke when she woke up. 

"This summer I had a surprise. It’s called… um… a near-death experience. Yes, and I’m not kidding. It was pretty scary. Obviously, I didn’t know for four days, because I was in an induced coma. But when I woke up, the first word I said was ‘No'," she told the audience, according to Variety magazine. 

Madge, as the Grammy Award-winner is sometimes called, believes it was God sending her a message. 

"I’m pretty sure that God was saying to me, ‘Do you wanna come with us? You wanna come with me? You wanna go this way?’ And I said, ‘No. No.'”

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Madonna also gave a shout-out to her "very special" physician Dr. David Agus.

"He’s put up with so many entertaining phone calls from me. When I was sick this summer and I literally couldn’t walk from my bed to the toilet, I would call him every other day and ask him why I didn’t have any energy. When was my energy gonna come back? When was I gonna feel myself again? When could I go back on tour again? When, when, when, when, when, when, when? And all he would say was, ‘Go outside in the sun,'" Variety quoted her as saying.

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Madonna's fans are glad she is doing much better and putting on amazing performances all over the world.

Concertgoers have given her 'Celebration Tour' a major thumbs up.

"Thank the heavens above that we had an awesome crowd at #MadonnaCelebrationTour last night. They were there to party. The Queen herself was nothing short of phenomenal," one concertgoer wrote on X (Twitter). 

Another user said: "Her energy is unmatched! #MadonnaCelebrationTour."

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South African DJ, Black Coffee, also opened up about his near-death experience recently.

He was involved in a "severe travel accident" in January while flying to Mar del Plata in Argentina.

“I took a nap and woke up to something that felt like a dream or nightmare and the plane was shaking violently. I opened my eyes and everyone was trying to hold on," he said about the incident. 

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