Louis York drops 'Heaven Bound' music video ft. Jessie J

Louis York drops 'Heaven Bound' music video ft. Jessie J

A match made in heaven! Grab a mic and get singing to Louis York and Jessie J's hot new single. 

Jessie J and Louis York
Louis York and Jessie J/ YouTube (Louis York). 'Heaven Bound' music video.

Louis York and Jessie J show off their powerful vocals in the music video for their song, 'Heaven Bound'. 

The video debuted on YouTube this week and a heavily pregnant Jessie J can be seen singing her heart out in an all-pink outfit that shows off her stomach. 

Louis York - which consists of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony - released 'Heaven Bound' in March. 

While Jessie J is listed as a feature artist on the track, the song is considered to be the 35-year-old's comeback single. 

Claude has worked on music with Jessie in the past. He co-wrote her hit track, 'Price Tag'.  

“We have a BIG history of hit-making with Jessie J. We have topped the charts, broken records and made the world dance several times over. Louis York paired with one of the best singers on the planet is a force of nature. ‘Heaven Bound’ shows the best of all three of us. This duet is from the heart. It’s soulful, anthemic and undeniable," Louis York told Rated R&B about the song.

The 'Heaven Bound' lyrics are also said to have a deep meaning for Jessie, who is listed as one of the songwriters. She suffered a miscarriage in 2021. 

"I got a pocket full of stones / And I could sink to the bottom / Lately I just feel alone / Getting lost in my problems," Jessie J sings. 

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Both members of Louis York have been listed as songwriters on some of the music industry's biggest songs. 

Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony have worked with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, John Legend, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, and Britney Spears. 

Their fans think they have another hit on their hands. 

"This song is so amazing, Jessie’s voice is a masterpieceeee," one YouTube wrote.

Another user added: "I want to see this song wins Grammy!"

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Jessie J's "rainbow baby" is due any day now. Despite her pink ensemble in the music video, the 'Bang Bang' hitmaker is expecting a baby boy.

She revealed her baby's gender in a sweet video she shared on Instagram in February.

'Heaven Bound' features on Louis York's upcoming album, 'Songs With Friends'. 

Watch the song's music video below:

Main image credit: YouTube/ Louis York ('Heaven Bound' music video)

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