J'Something on upcoming album: "I've never been this excited about Mi Casa before"

J'Something: "I've never been this excited about Mi Casa before"

J'Something says the upcoming album is worthy of global attention...

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Mi Casa is working on releasing a new album soon. 

The band's lead singer, J'Something, says this project will be like no other. 

He revealed that for the first time in over a decade he feels the music will be worthy of global attention. 

"Mi Casa is on a whole new chapter. I've never been this excited about Mi Casa before and that's 12years later," he told Mpoomy Ledwaba

"I feel like this album, this music we are making now is literally worthy of global attention, for the first time ever, I've never felt that we were worthy of global attention. We've always made dope music but I thought that the music was always catered to an African ear and that was strategic. We have spend our time touring Africa and that was it."

The band has not revealed the release date, but J has been sharing videos of them working in studio.

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J'Something also revealed the biggest lesson he has learned in life which has led to him attaining success.

"The biggest lesson that I've ever learned in my life is engraved on my skin and that's what I would wanna say to them and it's really simple - it's one day at a time. You have to micromanage your macro goals," said J'Something to Mpoomy Ledwaba. 

"We have all these big goals, and I love those big goals, but without a micro plan, you gotta take this big life of yours that has endless opportunities and you have got to manage them one day at a time."

The singer, who also owns a restaurant, spoke about the importance of doing things that you are passionate about. 

"I like cooking. I'm not a chef. I've never studied to be a chef. I spend time learning a new hobby and the blessing of it all, the mind-blowing thing of it all is that I've managed to turn it into a business thing."

J claims that despite having made money off of his talents and passion, money is not his main priority. 

"I got to work everyday, whatever it is that I'm doing, I don't even know what I'm earning. I've no idea on money. As long as nobody calls me to tell me 'there is no money' that's where I get worried and I'm like now I need to make a plan , but I don't earn a salary."

J runs the Artistry restaurant in Johannesburg. 

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