Jack Harlow drops 'Gang Gang Gang' music video

Jack Harlow drops 'Gang Gang Gang' music video

'Gang Gang Gang' has been described as one of the darkest songs on his new album. 

Jack Harlow Gang Gang Gang music video
Jack Harlow/ YouTube (Official 'Gang Gang Gang' music video)

Jack Harlow just released the music video for his song, 'Gang Gang Gang'. The track features on his third studio album, 'Jackman.', which was released in April. 

Jack co-wrote 'Gang Gang Gang' with Timothy Gane, Lætitia Sadier and Rashad Thomas. The song is a standout track on the album because of its poignant lyrics. 

The 25-year-old raps about childhood friends whose lives took a dark turn.  He raps in the 'Gang Gang Gang' lyrics:

My friend pulled me to the side like, "Did you hear about Marcus?"
Our Marcus? "Yeah, our Marcus"
"A bunch of girls say he raped them in the back of some Target"
"They say he drove 'em back there in his car"
"And then he parked it and the rest is even darker"
Wait, which Marcus? 'Cause it can't be—
"Yes, our Marcus"
"The same Marcus we collected Pokémon cards with"

Lyrics via genius.com

And it seems his friend Kevin didn't do too well either:

"Did you hear about Kevin?"
Kevin who? "Our Kevin"

What happened? "He got arrested"
"They found a bunch of messages he sent to lil' kids"

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Jack's fans have applauded him for addressing serious social problems in the song. 

"Such an impactful song. I listened to it quite a few times when listening through the album. Love that there’s a video too. SO POWERFUL!" one fan wrote on Instagram.

Another fan added: "Thank you for this song. This s*** needs to be talked about way more. Good use of platform."

Some fans also discussed the deeper meaning of the metaphors in the song. 

"The tone of the chorus 'gang gang gang, ride for my dogs ride for my dawgs' is menacing. It comes across as like, this is what it’s supposed to be— exactly why he is so shocked by both pieces of news and says 'nah it can’t be??' But when the truth is revealed, he goes on to say 'truthfully it’s family til it can’t be. Gang til it ain’t,'" one man wrote. 

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Watch the official 'Gang Gang Gang' music video below.

Main image credit: YouTube/Jack Harlow (Official 'Gang Gang Gang' music video)

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