Halle Bailey receives praise for live performance of 'In Your Hands'

Halle Bailey receives praise for live performance of 'In Your Hands'

Halle's new song 'In Your Hands' has been described as one of her most powerful love songs. It's climbing up the charts on the ECR Top 40 with Danny brought to you by CTM.

Halle Bailey wearing a denim jacket with faux fur collar
Halle Berry/ Instagram (@halleberry)

Halle Bailey has released a live performance of her latest single, 'In Your Hands'. 

The 24-year-old recorded the video exclusively for Vevo.  Halle first shared a teaser of the song in January while showing off her underwater maternity shoot.

'The Little Mermaid' star reportedly gave birth to her son Halo in December 2023.  

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The song was officially released in March 2024. It is reportedly a love song dedicated to her partner, rapper DDG, and their son Halo.

Halle co-wrote the song with Feli Ferraro. The track's emotional lyrics read: 

Our love is like the moonlight in the dark
No better feeling than your warm hand
You're the only name I call out when it's hard
'Cause, baby, only you know who I am

Whenever you're down and suffering
I promise that I'll be your only friend
'Cause I know that the demons come knockin'
But we will never ever let 'em in

Don't let the world ruin it
Source: Musixmatch

According to Vevo, Halo was in the studio during rehearsals for her live performance.

"Her baby child was in her arms for soundcheck, her performance of 'In Your Hands' spreading a maternal message."

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Halle's fans think she sounds even better performing the song live. 

"The way she manages to sound even better live?! How?! I need to see this woman live," one YouTube user wrote. 

Another user commented: "I feel like Halle is the only singer whose voice sounds exactly like her music video. No auto-tune, nothing masked! She’s amazing, and deserves everything in life!"

'In Your Hands' is also a major hit in South Africa. 

It is currently at number 25 on the ECR Top 40 with Danny brought to you by CTM

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Main image credit: Instagram/@hallebailey

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