DJ Maphorisa asks DJ Shimsa to uplift young talent

DJ Maphorisa asks DJ Shimza to uplift young talent

DJ Maphorisa has accused his fellow musician, DJ Shimza, of using ghost producers and closing doors for upcoming artists. See Shimza's response here. 

DJ Maphorisa
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DJ Maphorisa has called out DJ Shimza for never featuring upcoming artists. 

Maphorisa, whose real name is Themba Sekowe, was responding to Shimza's promotion for his new single, 'Sold Out', on Instagram. 

Shimza posted a short snippet of the song with the caption: "Got some heat coming soon Shimza - Sold Out."

Maphorisa commented that although he loves Shimza, he cannot keep quiet about him closing doors for upcoming artists. 

“Why you always make music alone. no young up and coming nyana. Everytime Shimza’s alone. Grow this afro movement uplift young talent bro please. 

"That’s why they end up hating us cause you close doors," he responded. 

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Maphorisa even claimed that Shimza didn't make the song alone, but used ghost producers.

"Don’t tell me you made that beat alone, sorry but I had to take out my chest in front of everyone.  love you mfanaka but I can’t!” Maphorisa commented on Shimza’s post. 

Shimza refuted the claims, saying he started Kunye Records to showcase young talent. 

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"That's why my label @Kunyerecords is for Phori, that's why I started the label and that's why we now have an event called KUNYE that showcases the music and streams the sets online so that people can put the face to the names bro. We all work differently bro. Love you too," he responded. 

But Maphorisa said Shimza must stop using ghost producers and paying them a once-off fee. 

“You know what I’m talking about. The ghost producers that you give a once off fee to. This thing must stop. You must give them credit on your song and let them shine," said Maphorisa. 

He added that he is a producer and knows how it feels to be left out. 

"Please change the game," Maphorisa wrote. 

He even asked Shimza to make an EP and include all those who help him produce music. 

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See the post below. 

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