SA’s new hit anthem, ‘Cheers To Me’

EGGSTA, Kyle Deutsch, Aewon Wolf & Gwyn team up on SA’s new hit anthem, ‘Cheers To Me’

We know it’s time to get ready for an absolute banger the moment we find out EGGSTA has a new release, but we weren’t quite ready for South Africa’s next timeless anthem.

Cheer's To Me

After multiple #1’s and the successful release of her single ‘Young Love’ with Kyle Deutsch, EGGSTA has teamed up with him for round two, with even more Durban talent by collaborating with Aewon Wolf and Black City Records’ very own Gwyn. 

This project has been the brainchild of KZN’s number one hit music station East Coast Radio, providing the artists a platform to execute and deliver arguably the best homegrown anthem that will truly stand the test of time. With all four artists coming together, this project encapsulates how South African talent can unite regardless of musical genre, culture and diversity.

'Cheers To Me' boasts a collaboration of extraordinary talent, bringing together a dream team of musical virtuosos. Kyle's familiar soulful melodies serve as the foundation, effortlessly capturing the essence of heartfelt emotions. Complemented by Gywn's angelic vocals caressing the senses, and adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the mix.

But that's not all— 'Cheers To Me' takes a triumphant turn with an explosive rap and jubilant cheer from the one and only, Aewon. His dynamic verses elevate the track to new heights, infusing it with an infectious energy that will have audiences rapturous and celebrating in unison.

‘I wrote the song as a big thank you to SA for the unbelievable support I’ve been shown since my debut release in 2021. It’s about raising our glasses to the small achievements, the big ones, the high’s and the lows and to celebrating together that we have gotten through some of the toughest times. I hope that no matter the moment, whether it be a date night, braai, engagement or any type of celebration, we can play this song and be reminded that it’s a moment worth celebrating” - says EGGSTA.

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Cheer's to me anthem

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