DBN Gogo features on Spotify's billboard in Times Square

DBN Gogo features on Spotify's billboard in Times Square

Congratulations to South African star, DBN Gogo, on making it onto a Times Square billboard in New York. 

DBN Gogo
DBN Gogo/ Instagram

Your dreams are valid - this is what DBN Gogo's latest achievement proves. 

The 'Khuza Gogo' hitmaker is the latest South African star to feature on a billboard in Times Square. 

The amapiano star says she is living her dream. 

"I had a dream and realised that old ways don’t open new doors; so I decided to make every moment count and worthwhile, to assure that I become everything I wanted for my life," DBN Gogo wrote on Instagram. 

"Never apologize for being a powerful woman! - @dbngogo for @spotify @spotifyafrica #SpotifyEQUAL #EQUALAfrica," she added.

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DBN Gogo’s hit song ‘Khuza Gogo’ has taken the world by storm. 

The song was released earlier this year in March. 

In less than three months of release, it was certified platinum and it exceeded 2.5-million streams.

On YouTube, the song currently has over 3.8-million views. 

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