Congratulations! Eminem celebrates 16 years of sobriety

Congratulations! Eminem celebrates 16 years of sobriety

The 'Lose Yourself' rapper showed off the recovery chip he received for being sober for 16 years... 

Eminem wears a hoodie, shows off recovery coin
Image credit: Instagram/eminem

Eminem is celebrating a massive milestone in his sobriety journey. The 15-time Grammy Award-winning rapper has been sober for 16 years. 

The 'Guilty Conscience' hitmaker, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, took to Instagram this past weekend to share a picture of the sobriety coin he received to mark the occasion. 

Rolling Stone magazine revealed in 2011 that the rapper was once addicted to a "dangerous cocktail of prescription medication, including Ambien, Valium, and extra-strength Vicodin". 

Eminem unsuccessfully tried rehab in 2005, and suffered an accidental methadone overdose in 2007. The near-death experience helped him get back on track. 

He told Paul Rosenberg in an episode of his 'Paul Pod' podcast: "I remember when I first got sober and all the s**t was out of my system, I remember just being, like, really happy and everything was f***ing new to me again."

The rapper's followers congratulated him on reaching 16 years of being sober. 

"Sweet 16. So proud of you," one fan commented on Instagram. Another added: "Congratulations and thanks for sharing, especially to the ones who are trying to get through Day 1."

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Other stars who have celebrated big sobriety milestones in the past include Kabelo Mabalane and Jessica Simpson.

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South African comedian Nina Hastie celebrated 10 years of sobriety in October last year. 

"I'm just really grateful to be alive. I'm grateful to so many people [who] have contributed to my sober life," a tearful Nina said in a video she shared on Instagram. 

Nina added that she had slept on the couches of so many people during her road to recovery. 

"Just so many people who were so very kind to me along the way, and in my sober journey, who have supported me and given me opportunities and believed in me."

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Main image credit: Instagram/eminem

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