Mel B reveals Spice Girls are working on new project

Mel B reveals Spice Girls are working on new project

It looks like we might be getting a Spice Girls reunion, folks...

Spice Girls
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The Spice Girls are cooking up something special for their fans. 

This was revealed by Mel B during her interview on the Jennifer Hudson show on Thursday. 

Mel B hinted that the Spice Girls have teamed up for another special project, though she didn't go into detail. 

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"What I can say is that we are definitely working on something together, all five of us. And by me just saying that I'm probably gonna get into trouble again," she told Jennifer. 

The 48-year-old said she always gets told off for revealing things that she shouldn't. 

Previously, Mel B was the member who revealed that the group was teaming up with 'The Last Dance' Netflix documentary. 

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The British pop group started in 1994. It consists of Geraldine Halliwell, Melanie Chisholm, Victoria Adams (later Victoria Beckham), Melanie Brown, and Emma Bunton. 

The group went on to be the biggest-selling female band ever and the most successful British band since The Beatles, according to a report by Deezer

They have worldwide sales of over 100-million albums.

Their last album, 'Forever', was released in 2000. The album peaked at number two on the British album chart. 

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