Coldplay's Argentina concert to be shown in cinemas from April

Coldplay's new concert film to be shown in cinemas worldwide from April

Coldplay have made a cinema presentation of a ‘Music Of The Spheres’ concert which took place at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina last year. The film will be in cinemas in April. 

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A new Coldplay film will be hitting the big screen soon. 

The band announced that their 2022 concert, ‘Music Of The Spheres’, which took place at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina has been made into a film. 

Fans all over the world can watch the film in cinemas on 19 and 23 April. 

The film will not only show scenes from the sold-out ten-night run at the River Plate Stadium, but also remixed and remastered sound and visuals.

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It will also feature new interviews with the band and an exclusive behind-the-scenes short film. 

'Coldplay – Music Of The Spheres: Live At River Plate is the definitive director’s cut of October’s worldwide live broadcast of the show, featuring remixed / remastered sound and stunning visuals, captured using 30 cameras, racing drones and 360° filming techniques, by BAFTA-winning and Grammy-nominated director Paul Dugdale,' reads a statement on the band's website. 

'The film includes a host of footage which wasn’t shown during the live broadcast, when it screened in a record-breaking 81 countries (topping box office charts around the world). The cinema presentation will also include an exclusive behind-the-scenes short film featuring new interviews with the band,' reads the statement. 

Some of the songs that will feature in the film include 'Yellow', 'The Scientist', 'Fix You', 'Viva La Vida', 'A Sky Full Of Stars', and 'My Universe'.  

The film will also show guest appearances from multi-Grammy winner H.E.R. and Jin of BTS. 

Tickets can be purchased here

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