Working from home: Tools to make your life easier

Working from home: Tools to make your life easier

These tools will make it easier for you to run your business from anywhere in the world - especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Are you an employer looking for ways to run your business remotely? Have you been forced to work from home due to the coronavirus? You will be joining thousands of companies all over the world in doing so. 

Working remotely is more popular than ever thanks to the technology and tools that have been designed to make it easier for colleagues to stay connected from anywhere in the world.

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If you are an employer and are worried about how you will connect with and monitor your employees who are working from home, then check out these tools:


Skype is one of the best tools that companies can use to connect, and it has been trusted for many years. Skype allows you to chat with employees, have online meetings, and even conduct conference calls. 

The great thing with Skype is that it is easy to set up. All you need to do is download the app, sign up, add your employees, and then you are ready to go. You can even create groups on the app and share files. It also allows screen sharing.  


Slack is best known for bringing team communication and collaboration into one place. It is an instant messaging app where you can add colleagues, host meetings and conferences, and even share files and documents.

With Slack, you don't have to worry about receiving 101 emails. You can chat about projects that you are doing and get feedback from your colleagues in real time. 

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This is a fantastic tool for connecting not only with your staff, but also your clients. 

It offers a centralised workplace for projects, task lists, workflow, discussions, charts, calendars, and documents.

Proofhub is best used for project management. It even allows you to remove and approve documents. is a powerful team management platform that centralises everyone’s work into one shared and easily accessible workspace.

You can track what your team members are working on. You can do video conferencing, chat on messenger, and access CRM’s and much more. 

Workplace by Facebook

Many people are already familiar with Facebook, and therefore this app will be easy for them to use. 

Workplace by Facebook offers you features like chat, video calls, posts, and groups. It also has a screen sharing option. Another great feature of the app is that it works alongside the many common business tools. 

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