Two-ingredient laundry detergent that works

Two-ingredient laundry detergent that works

Try this homemade washing detergent that requires only two ingredients and thank us later!

Homemade washing detergent
Washing detergent/ iStock

You can make your own washing detergent - it's easy! 

What’s great about it is that it is safe, easy to make, and is effective. 

The other amazing thing is that you only need two ingredients – baking soda and castile soap. 


1 bar castile soap (You can use unscented or scented soap, depending on your preference).

2 cups baking soda


Grate the castile soap and place in a container.

Bake the baking soda for 60 minutes at 240 degrees Celsius until it has changed in look and colour.

Wait for the baked soda to cool down.

Add the grated soap to the baking soda and mix thoroughly.

Store in an airtight container. 

Enjoy doing laundry!

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Image courtesy of iStock/ svehlik

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