Turn your rubbish into something useful

Turn your rubbish into something useful

Don't just throw away your Festive Season rubbish - reuse it all!

Christmas Wrapping Paper
Wikimedia Commons

Sadly, many South Africans had to return to work on Monday.

The highs of the Festive Season are now but a thing of the past, with reality back to sink its teeth in with unforgiving abandon.

If you are not one of the efficient ones out there who recycles and cleans up on the spot, then you may have quite a pile of rubbish and leftovers waiting for you at home.

While you may be hanging on to those things subconsciously as a way to ensure the Festive Season never ends (or you are just lazy), you are going to need to take the plunge and get rid of it all at some point.

However, not everything needs to be wheeled out for the refuse guys to collect, as there are a number of ways you can reuse what you may think is simply trash.

Here are some awesome ideas:

Cooldrink bottles

Glass bottles

Wrapping paper


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