Transforming your spaces with sustainable solutions: Plascon’s 130-year legacy

Transforming your spaces with sustainable solutions: Plascon’s 130-year legacy

Leading the way in innovative and sustainable products, renowned coatings manufacturer Plascon is excited to share with this year’s East Coast Radio House + Garden Show visitors the re-engineered Micatex and reinvigorated Woodcare product range. 

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Forming part of Plascon’s rich 130-year history and evolution, the brand will be sharing these products with the public at the popular home and décor show that continue to embrace Plascon’s eco-friendly practices while delivering revolutionary world-class quality paint and products. Featuring as a headline sponsor this year at the show, Plascon will also be showcasing other transformative home products along with exciting colour trends and insights from their latest winter and summer colour palettes.

Suvasin Moodley, Plascon’s Head of Marketing, says, “Plascon has remained a leader in the industry by consistently adapting to emerging trends and providing customers with eco-friendly product solutions. This core value that has lived throughout the brand since its inception is to design products that improve the lives of customers through constant innovation”.

By tapping into their extensive experience and deep understanding of consumer preferences, Plascon has successfully evolved its product offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of the market while ticking the boxes of product performance and sustainability.

“We are committed to providing products that benefit homeowners and are eco-conscious. Both Micatex and Woodcare products have a long heritage with Plascon but have been recently upgraded and modified. Our Plascon WoodCare range has been reinvigorated with a new look and improved formula that’s suitable for interior and exterior use. The decorative wood preservative enhances the natural appearance of timber while providing effective protection against the elements. With its water-resistant properties, this product ensures the longevity of wooden surfaces. We have also re-engineered the Plascon  Micatex product with Polycell. This  is a premium quality water-based coating renowned for its durability and UV resistance that also boasts a fine texture that not only adds an elegant touch to exterior wall surfaces, but also offers exceptional weatherproofing capabilities to safeguard your walls from the harshest conditions. At this year’s East Coast Radio House + Garden Show, we look forward to introducing our new products to the public and capturing their attention and imagination with our ‘2 Palettes, 2 Rooms’ colour stories activation,” adds Moodley.

Cairey Baxter-Bruce, the East Coast Radio House + Garden’s Show Director, expressed excitement about the partnership with Plascon, highlighting their valuable insight into home décor and lifestyle trends. “This sponsorship demonstrates Plascon's commitment to being a leader in the home and décor space. Over the past four decades of running this show we know full well that colour is more than just paint on a wall. It is the way in which we identify with our environment and express our different personalities. By defining our living spaces through colour, we unlock purpose and functionality as we create comfortable and multi-purpose spaces within our homes. Through the combination of curated colour palettes, interior design elements and eco-friendly products you are able to create signature spaces within your own home, your way,” explains Baxter-Bruce.

Plascon's journey toward sustainability encompasses a wide range of initiatives and also resonates with the show’s theme linked to this growing trend in homes. From utilising APEO-free formulations to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) product recipes, the brand strives to minimise its carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices throughout the entire product lifecycle. Examples of Plascon’s sustainable practices include water-based paint formulations, investments in upcycling initiatives, and the Double Velvet paint range with air purifying technology.

If you are searching for ways to transform your home and gain valuable insight from industry experts, visit the East Cast Radio House + Garden Show from 1 - 9 July 2023 at the Durban Exhibition Centre. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the “2 Palettes, 2 Rooms” activation, where talented Durban-based designers will conceptualise the rooms utilizing their expertise to create a visually appealing and contemporary atmosphere that will showcase the latest Summer and Winter colour stories. Visitors can also look forward to an interactive experience with Plascon's experts to inspire them on how to transform spaces stylishly and sustainably.

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