Three unique uses for epsom salt

Three unique uses for epsom salt

Did you ever think to use epsom salt for things other than medical issues?

Epsom salt
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Epsom salt is prescribed for various medical ailments, from treating and preventing low blood magnesium and seizures to aiding muscle recovery and constipation.

It really is a wonder medication that has been used to help the human body for centuries.

However, there is more to epsom salt than just helping regulate your bowels and preventing seizures - proving that it is a proper miracle product.

We have come across three very random other uses for epsom salt, and we can't wait to let you in on the secret.

1 - Grow healthy vegetables

We all think we are the masters of the soil when it comes to growing veggies, but we can all use a bit of help in really getting the most out of our crops. Simply add a tablespoon of epsom salt to the soil around your veggies and let it fuse with your soil to create the most succulent veggies known to man. Epsom salt also works wonders with your indoor plants. Simply mix a few tablespoons with water and let it work its magic.

2 - Ugh... a slug!

Slugs aren't cool. While they may be one of nature's inhabitants, they are also incredibly pesky when they find your fresh plants to nibble on. Epsom salt is a great deterrent of slugs, so just sprinkle some around where you know they have been and you are more than likely never going to see them again. If they do return, just up the quantity of epsom salt until it works in your favour.

3 - The great grout cleaner

Grout has a habit of becoming grubby over time, so it is important to treat it before it becomes stained. Epsom salt is easily one of the best cleaners of grout out there - and people don't even know it! All you need to do is mix equal parts of epsom salt and dishwashing liquid together in water and scrub the grout. You will be left with the colour grout you originally intended to have.

Do you have any other epsom salt tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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