Seven genius kitchen hacks

Seven genius kitchen hacks

Upgrade your kitchen with these easy and incredible kitchen hacks.

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We found a few brilliant DIY kitchen hacks that will make using your kitchen a breeze. Some of them are so brilliant, you’ll wonder why you never thought about it in the first place. They’re the hacks you didn’t know you needed.

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Peg it

We love this simple but genius idea. It’s a great space saver or organiser and looks pretty stylish considering it’s just a peg board. This project shouldn’t take longer than a day to complete and will really pop in your kitchen.

Hooked up

When your kitchen space is tight, you need to get a little creative to make up for it. Hooks are a simple, affordable and brilliant way to organise a small space and remove the clutter from your cupboards. We love how easy this idea is and the basket for those plasticware lids is genius!

File away

We love this brilliant idea to help sort out all your baking trays and pans. File holders or dividers are inexpensive and will keep you baking pans neat and in order. No more having to unpack everything to find your small muffin tray or biscuit pan. This one gets a massive thumbs up from us.

Spoon on a wire

We all know how annoying it can be when you’re looking for cooking utensils while you’re cooking. This clever use of wall rack to hang all your cooking utensils close to the stove is spot on. You’ll have easy access while making your kitchen look stylish at the same time. We love it.

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Where would we be without the kitchen queen, Martha Stewart. This fantastic idea to store crockery in a drawer is our favourite. Using the pegs to keep everything in its place is brilliant, and allows for easy packing and unpacking. It also looks pretty cool and contemporary too.


How clever is this idea? We love the use of the metal clips against the wood. It’s a fantastic way to display cooking utensils like wooden spoons and a great storage solution.

Magnetic spice

This is probably the best idea of them all. We all need a magnetic spice jar rack in our lives. All you need is a sheet of metal attached to the wall, cute jars, magnetic strips and stickers to mark them. A brilliant idea to keep track of your spice stock, keep them within reach and organised. It’s easy to keep clean and adds plenty of character to your kitchen.

Do you have any favourite kitchen DIY hacks you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments section below.

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