Old school vs new school - Six holiday movies to watch this festive season

Old school vs new school - Six holiday movies to watch this festive season

Are they cheesy? Yes. Are they filled with 101 clichés? Yes. Will we stop watching them? No! Take a look at some of our favourite Christmas movies.

The Princess Switch
The Princess Switch/YouTube (Netflix)

Love them or hate them, cheesy holiday-themed movies are here to stay! 

The storylines are always sugary sweet with a touch of drama and a happy ending. There's usually also snow involved and some impossible Christmas miracle. 

It's a mess basically, but it's a jolly good festive mess! 

Here are some of our favourite old school and new school holiday movies. 

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Home Alone (old school)

Is it even really Christmas if you don't watch 'Home Alone' at least once? The 1990 classic, which stars Macaulay Culkin, remains a Christmas favourite 30 years later. 

My Christmas Inn (new school) 

Looking for a cheesy Christmas movie filled with lots of festive cheer, hope, and romance? Look no further than Tia Mowry's 'My Christmas Inn'.

Actress Mowry plays an advertising executive named Jen who inherits an inn from her great-aunt. She has no intention of keeping the inn and heads to her great aunt's small Alaskan town called Chestnut Hill to sell the place. 

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas (old school)

Jim Carrey helped Dr. Seuss' 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' come to life in this 2000 classic. The comedian's hilarious portrayal of the Grinch helped make the movie a household favourite. 

2018's animated version, 'The Grinch', is also worth a watch.

The Polar Express (new school)

This animated adventure film warmed many hearts when it was released in 2004. Stars such as Tom Hanks and Michael Jeter voiced some of the characters. American film critic, Roger Ebert, gave the movie one of his highest ratings. 

"There's a deeper, shivery tone, instead of the mindless jolliness of the usual Christmas movie," he wrote in his review.

The Princess Switch (new school)

Vanessa Hudgens brought two characters to life in Netflix's 2018 hit, 'The Princess Switch'. She plays a talented baker from Chicago who swaps lives with Belgravia's Duchess of Montenaro. 

The cheesy storyline was well received by critics, with one reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes saying:  "The Princess Switch offers a healthy dose of charming, light-hearted, twin-swap fun and is delightful viewing for any hopeless romantic."

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