My Home, My Way: Revealing the essence of personalised living

My Home, My Way: Revealing the essence of personalised living

In a world where peace, connection, and maximum enjoyment have become invaluable, creating a personal sanctuary within our homes is incredibly important and should not be overlooked.

ECR House and Garden Show

As the East Coast Radio House + Garden Show approaches, the Show Director - Cairey Baxter-Bruce - sheds light on the significance of this year’s theme, 'My Home, My Way', and how it aligns with the latest trends and insights within the home, décor, and outdoor spaces.

Embracing the Trends

The world is witnessing a paradigm shift, with a hybrid working environment becoming the new normal. Consequently, the need for comfortable and functional home office setups has skyrocketed. As people spend more time within the confines of their homes, renovation projects have surged in popularity. Indoor hobbies, such as gardening, cooking, and crafting, have gained prominence as sources of solace and creativity. In an era of digital transformation, online shopping has become increasingly prevalent, especially in the home improvement and DIY industries. Even the fitness industry has seen a shake-up with the rise of home gyms.

Creating a Home Sanctuary

This year we have identified four sub-themes that we feel shape how we experience our homes and help us to create our sanctuaries under the umbrella banner theme of ‘My home, My way’. The ‘My Comfort’ pillar emphasises elements that promote physical and sensory comfort, such as soft furnishings, cosy lighting, and calming scents. While the ‘My Entertainment’ pillar explores the latest trends and advances in technology that help us turn our homes into an entertainers’ paradise by showcasing state-of-the-art systems and streaming services. Then the ‘My Sustainability’ category addresses environmentally conscious and renewable energy solutions, highlighting sustainable building materials, energy-efficient appliances, eco-friendly products and even off-the-grid opportunities. Lastly, the ‘My Defined Spaces’ pillar recognises the importance of demarcated areas in the home, because more than ever before, we see the importance of having multi-purpose spaces as we use our homes more than just a place to rest our heads. Our homes have also become our offices, gym and places to entertain friends and family.

We believe that by embracing these pillars, visitors to the show will discover how to achieve a harmonious and comfortable living environment that is also their own personalised sanctuary.

Promoting Sustainability and Responsible Living

This year the show will highlight eco-friendly gardening techniques, emphasising responsible resource usage through waterwise plants and eco-farming. Emphasis is placed on the use of natural and recycled materials, low VOC paints, and energy-efficient lighting to enhance indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption. At the show we encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources and water conservation through the inclusion of energy efficiency solutions like solar power and rainwater harvesting. By incorporating these elements, the event guides consumers toward creating sustainable and environmentally-friendly living spaces.

Inspiration Transformed into Reality

The East Coast Radio House + Garden Show will bring the ‘My home, My way’ content pillars to life through a combination of exhibitors and curated design projects, providing visitors with inspiration and guidance to create their unique sanctuaries. From demo kitchens focused on the art of entertaining at home to collaborations that encompass all four pillars and foster spaces of tranquillity and comfort - the show will offer a diverse range of experiences. Exhibitors such as Plascon and Hirsch’s showcase the latest trends in functional living spaces, while LG presents a futuristic exhibition that showcases the home of the future. Moreover, the show places a strong emphasis on sustainable living through collaborative projects like the Mr Price Foundation Handpicked Project and the African Grower. These initiatives serve to be showcases for sustainable practices and eco-friendly choices, encouraging visitors to embrace responsible living.

The Power of Personalisation

The East Coast Radio House + Garden Show serves as a vital platform for exhibitors, services, and expert advice in home improvement, perfectly aligning with the growing trends in the industry. The show goes beyond merely inspiring attendees. It also seeks to educate consumers about sustainable and environmentally conscious practices for their homes and gardens. This year’s ‘My Home, My Way’ theme beautifully captures the essence of creating a personalised sanctuary within your own home. With a strong emphasis on the latest trends and insights, we have positioned this event to offer attendees a wealth of ideas, inspiration, and practical solutions to transform people’s living spaces. By placing a significant focus on sustainability, responsible resource usage, and holistic well-being, we hope the East Coast Radio House + Garden Show will become a catalyst for designing harmonious, comfortable, and eco-friendly homes.

We are excited to have this event guide the public in creating a home that not only reflects their style but also aligns with their values of sustainability and well-being. We want you to immerse yourself in a world of possibilities, discover unique ideas, find inspiration, and unlock the potential to create your home, your way!

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