Load shedding – how to pass the time when the lights are out

Load shedding – how to pass the time when the lights are out

Here is how you can ensure you still have lots of fun even if you find yourself in the dark.

Woman reading book with candles
Woman reading book with candles/ iStock

South Africans have been experiencing load shedding over the last couple of weeks - and it looks set to continue. 

According to Eskom, this is due to system constraints and depleted emergency resources.

To be better prepared, check http://www.loadshedding.eskom.co.za for schedules.

To keep you entertained, here are some things you can do while the lights are out:

Have a candlelight dinner

If the lights go out before you cook or eat dinner, this is the perfect opportunity to have a candlelight dinner. Just set up a nice table and enjoy a takeaway with the candles offering you light. 

Cook outside

Cooking outside can be so much fun. It is not even difficult. All you need is the right pots that can take direct heat, and set up a fire.  

Check out this video on how you can make a fire and cook outside.

You can alternatively set up a braai, then have it with rolls or bread. Braais are always fun. 

Play games with your family

Playing games in the dark can be lots of fun and adventurous. There are many nice games such as hide and seek, reflector treasure hunt, and 30 Seconds. These games will be fun, especially if you have kids in the house. If it just you and your partner, you can play fun games such as truth or dare. 

Read a book

With all the load shedding that has been happening in the county, it might be a good time to start collecting books or visiting your local library to borrow books.

Reading books is a great way to unwind.

If you are a student... study!

Have a bonfire and tell each other stories

What could be more fun than gathering with family and friends around a bonfire and telling each other stories? This will surely make the weekend memorable.


If you have a pool, why not have fun swimming? 

Catch up on sleep

The weekend is the perfect time to catch up on sleep. So give your body some rest. 

Spend time with a loved one

If possible, pay a visit to a person you love, or give them a call. Life can get so busy that we hardly find time to spend quality time with the people we love. When the lights are out, it is the perfect time to just catch up and enjoy each other’s company. 

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