Introducing Interior Design Ideas with Margaret Rose Interiors

Introducing Interior Design Ideas with Margaret Rose Interiors

During these uncertain times, Margaret Rose Interiors is helping you figure out your design aesthetic, to make your living space even more comfortable and livable during lockdown.

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Formally of East Coast Drive, Mags has now moved into interior design full time, servicing mostly the middle-tier market as Margaret Rose Interiors.

In times like these, why do we talk about interior design when we have so much else to consider and concentrate on? Most of us are stuck at home with and wonder how to create some positivity during lockdown. Making your home a haven of colour, smells, and functionality is what many of us have turned to. 

During this series, Margaret Rose Interiors will speak about how you can make your home a space that will calm the tension and allow productivity in your home-office and home-schooling environment. Mags of Margaret Rose Interiors will unpack it all through interior design and decorating.

Magaret Rose Interiors have a buffet of apartments flying up around the metropolis of Durban. Join Mags from Monday to Friday at 12:00 for a design journey together through lockdown.

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