How to take care of your wig

How to take care of your wig

Sarah Ramalobela, a hairdresser in Midrand shares tips on how to best care for your wig and ensure it lasts for years.

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Wigs are a great way to switch up your hairstyle with little effort.  They last for years, are convenient, hide hair loss or lost hairline, can be styled differently and they protect the head from the sun. Oh, and not to forget that they can protect your scalp from harsh chemicals.

If you have bought a wig or are planning to buy one, ensure you take proper care of it from the start. We spoke to Sarah Ramalobela, a hairdresser in Midrand, about how to properly care for a wig to ensure it lasts.


A dirty wig not only looks terrible, but it can also skin breakouts. So, it is important that you wash your wig as soon as it gets dirty.

“Before washing your wig, it’s important that you comb it to ensure it’s not tangled. Many people make the mistake of combing the wig after washing it. If you wash it without combing it, you will make more tangled,” says Sarah.

Another mistake people make is to wash their wig in hot water, which may damage the wig.  

“Wash your wig in warm water using shampoo. Then put it in fresh water with a little bit of conditioner and leave for 10-15 minutes. Dry it using a towel or hang it outside and let it air dry,” says Sarah.

She warns that the wig should be washed with care.

“Gently massage the wig, especially the lace and the base which is the center part where you put your head in. Make sure you remove make-up or any hair chemicals that may be on the wig,” says Sarah. 


Synthetic wigs are prone to tangling and knots and need to be combed.

“Use a brush or wig comb or a curly comb to comb your wig,” says Sarah.

“Comb the wig starting from the bottom all the way up,” advises Sarah.

However, she warns that wigs should not be combed unless they are tangled, to prevent losing volume. 

Caring for the wig

“Packing your wig in its box might seem like a good idea, but it’s not always best. The best way to ensure your wig stays in good shape is to hang it on a mannequin head,” says Sarah.

Sarah says you should hang it on the mannequin head as soon as you take it off.

“This will allow it to breathe and remain in a good condition. Putting it in a plastic or packing it might cause tangles,” warns Sarah.  

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