How to keep your hair looking fresh under lockdown

How to keep your hair looking fresh under lockdown

Avant Garde, a hairdresser in Hillcrest, Durban, shares tips to ensure your hair is well-maintained under lockdown.

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Salons in South Africa have been prohibited from operating since lockdown began in March.

On Thursday, 29 May, the Western Cape High Court dismissed an urgent court bid to allow hairdressers to return to work.  

This means even under lockdown level three; South Africans can not go to a salon. 

We spoke to Avant Garde, a hairdresser in Hillcrest, about tips that people can do to ensure their hair looks fresh and is well-maintained during the lockdown. 

Use the right products

Avant says the key to having good hair is to know which products to use. She says using the wrong products can damage your hair. 

To ensure you buy the right products that are best suited for your hair, Avant says you should talk to your hairdresser or buy from your local salon if it sells its products. 

“If your salon has acquired their CIPC certificate, then they can retail in-salon products which are much better for the hair”. 

She says this way you are guaranteed that you are getting the right products and you are supporting and helping the salon to make money from selling its products. 

Use the right brush

“I have been chatting to a few of my clients and when I ask them to show me their brushes for blow-drying, they are using the incorrect brushes.”

Avant says using wrong brushes can cause “split ends”.

She says for you to know which brush is right for you, you have to talk to your hairdresser, because they know what your hair looks like and would be able to recommend the right ones for you. 

Do not overheat your hair

Avant warns against overheating hair when you blow-dry it. 

She says too much heat on hair will cause damage. The damage can include breakage and the strand can become damaged through dry ends. 

Wash your hair regularly

Avant says people should wash their hair on a regular basis.

“I’d say at least twice a week."

Trim your hair

“You can trim fringes, but don’t cut your own hair,” says Avant.

Lastly, she says it is important to keep in touch with your hairdresser. This can be done using platforms such as WhatsApp or Zoom. She says the hairdressers can recommend products, advise you on how to style your hair, and how to treat your scalp. 

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