A guide to hosting the perfect virtual party

A guide to hosting the perfect virtual party

Your birthday comes once a year, so it is important to make it special and memorable. Here is how you can celebrate with your family and friends even while on lockdown. 

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South Africa is currently under lockdown until 16 April. This means that those who are celebrating their birthdays during the lockdown period can not host parties at their houses or go out to celebrate. 

However, the fun doesn’t have to stop. 

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The lockdown should not prevent you from celebrating your big day with those close to your heart. 

You can simply do it online. 

Let’s see how you can plan a virtual party. 

Send out e-invites

The first step in organising a party is to send out invites. 

There are many great websites such as canva and greetingisland that allow people to create beautiful invitation cards for free. You can then email the invites to your guests. 

Set a theme

Who said you can’t dress up and look good for your party just because you are stuck indoors?

Go all out when it comes to how you look. Dress like you were going to dress if it wasn't for the lockdown. 

Also, set a theme for your guests. 

Create a playlist

What’s a party without music? Music plays a big part in ensuring guests are entertained. Hire a DJ who can be a part of the online party or select your own playlist. 

Remember to bear your audience in mind. If you have invited both the young and old, have a playlist that caters to the different age groups. 

Do a video call 

Lastly, use online programs which support video calls to connect with your guests. 

Zoom is a great program for hosting a short party. You can have up to 100 people on the call. 

Skype, on the other hand, will allow you to have a long duration party, but you can only connect a maximum of 50 people.

If all your guests use an iPhone or an Apple Mac, then you can have a party using FaceTime

Remember to party hard!

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