Guide to buying online this Easter

Guide to buying online this Easter

Here are seven things that will help make your Easter shopping easier. 

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The Easter holiday is upon us. However, unlike previous holidays, this time around, the world is fighting against the deadly coronavirus. 

This has led to many people isolating or refraining from going to crowded places such as malls. 

Since the beginning of the lockdown, online purchases have increased.

According to Chief Marketing Officer at Lulalend, a financing partner to SMEs, Tom Stuart, says people are more comfortable purchasing goods and services online.

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Retail stores for essential goods such as groceries and medication have also introduced delivery services. 

Below is a guide for shopping online: 

Only buy from credible sites 

The mistake that some online buyers make is to judge websites by their looks. Don’t just trust a site because it looks good but verify that it is credible before doing any purchases. 

Read external reviews

Do research about the site/company's products. Don’t just trust the reviews on their site. Search social media platforms and review sites to see if there is anything written about the company their products. 

Check the final cost at checkout

Sometimes the price displayed on the item is not the same price displayed at checkout. There might be delivery costs and you need to be aware of those added costs before clicking purchase. 

Check the guarantee terms

It is important to read the nitty-gritty on each site and the products that you purchase. 

Know what the return policy on the item you will be purchasing is and how long is the guarantee. 

Don’t save your personal details

Keep your personal details private and never save them.  If you do, you will be making it easier for hackers to target you and it puts your personal information at risk. 

Compare sites

You will be surprised how much you can save by doing a bit of price comparison before purchasing an item. Instead of just buying at the first online store that has the item you want, check if other sites don’t have the same product at a cheaper rate. 

Stick to your budget and list

Write down a list of items that you will need and stick to that list. It is also important to set your budget. Don’t just buy things because they are on special and don’t buy anything you don’t need. 

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