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Five ways to make your mattress last longer

Take a look at some tips that will make your mattress last for many years. 

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Investing in a good mattress is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

A good mattress is not only one that offers you support and comfort, but will last you for many years.

We provide you with tips that will help make your mattress last even longer.

Cover you mattress with a protector

A mattress protector is essential if you want your mattress to be durable. This is because, apart from being easier to wash than a mattress, it offers waterproof protection which helps protect against spills. A mattress protector also keeps dirt away from your bed, and reduces dust mites, sweat, and skin oils that can make their way into your mattress.

Don't jump on the bed

Jumping on the bed weakens the springs in your mattress, which will shorten its lifespan. 

Don't eat in bed

Eating in the bed can result in crumbs making their way into your mattress layers. This is bad because you need your mattress to be clean in order for it to last longer. 

Clean your mattress

Make sure you keep your mattress clean and free of allergens, by vacuuming it at least once a month. 

Adhere to the instructions on the manufacturer's guide

Read the manufacturer's guide on how to take care of your mattress and adhere to the instructions. 

Also remember to wash your bedding regularly

Make it a habit to wash your sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and linen regularly to avoid bacteria that can make you sick. 

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