ECR's Top 5: How to get your home looking more organised

ECR's Top 5: How to get your home looking more organised

Are you looking to get your house looking more organised? Have a look at these hacks this Get Organised Day!

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Having an organised home comes with peace of mind. 

It also makes it easier for you to know where everything is. 

However, not everyone is good at organising things.

Here are five tips to get you started: 

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- Have less things 

Get rid of stuff that you don't need around your home. There are many people who keep things they rarely use and don't realise how cluttered your home can become.

Rather than having the items take up space, sell, donate, or throw away the items. 

- Have a designated place for items 

Knowing exactly where what goes will help you easily find the items and save you time and the trouble you would go through searching all over your house. 

- Don't let dishes pile up

One of the best ways to make your house look organised is to ensure you don't leave dishes lying around or filling the sink. 

Cleaning your house regularly will also help, not only to help make it look clean, but it allows you to get things more organised. 

Also, when cleaning, don't forget to tidy up the cupboards and to clean the fridge to remove any spoilt food. 

- Don't leave things lying around 

When you are done using something, put it away in the right place. Don't put it down and leave it for later. 

- Take out the trash

When throwing away trash, make sure the bin doesn't look like a mess, and ensure you empty it out as soon as it gets full or starts to stink. 

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