Five tips to ensure you never lose your cutlery

Five tips to ensure you never lose your cutlery

According to research, teaspoons only last 81 days on average. So where have all the teaspoons gone?

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For many of us, having to buy new spoons, knives and forks is something we do at least twice a year. What’s worse is that most of the time we can’t even account for where the cutlery has gone.  

Research conducted by the Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health in Melbourne found that most teaspoons only last for 81 days - that’s less than three months. The researchers found no explanations for the disappearing teaspoons.

So, how can you ensure you don’t lose your cutlery?

Wash them separately  

Before you wash any other dishes, wash your cutlery in clean and clear water, where it will be easy to see it.

If you mix your cutlery with other dishes, chances of you throwing it away by mistake are high because most cutlery isn’t big enough to be visible and can easily be missed.

Don’t allow your children to play with cutlery

It’s important not to allow your children to play with cutlery. Children can leave the cutlery on the floor and that can result in it being stuck under furniture, or you even mistaking it for dirt and throwing it away by mistake.

If your children can reach the cupboard where you store it, it might be time to consider placing it out of their reach.

Check your rubbish before throwing it away

Even if you are careful not to throw your cutlery in the dustbin, your family members might do so by mistake, and this is why it’s crucial for you to check rubbish before throwing it out. Also get your children into the habit of checking before they throw things away.

Store it in a box

One of the best ways to ensure you don’t lose your cutlery is to put it in a box or cutlery holder and don’t mix them with other dishes. Also, pack your cutlery separately, so put spoons in one place, knives in another etc.

Count them regularly

Get into the habit of regularly counting your cutlery and make sure you search for the missing items, instead of just letting it slide. If you make it a habit of regularly counting them, you will be able to tell sooner if they are missing and might be able to find them before it’s too late.

Do you have more tips to ensure you don't lose cutlery? Share with us in the comments section below.

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